Aske to Exhibit at Bespoked

Aske Bikes, Sponsorship Partners to the Haldon Heroic, will be exhibiting at the UK Handmade Bicycle Show 'Bespoked'. This celebration of the UK's finest hand built bicycles and the people who make them takes place in Bristol between the 15th and 17th April 2016. Visit for full details.

Simon Aske, Director of Colin Lewis Cycles, is the creator of Aske Bikes. He first started building bicycles back in 1992 and designed a single rear arm monocoque carbon fiber frame that evolved into the 'Hotta Bicycle'. The 'Hotta' achieved notable success under Chris Boardman, Ekimov, Lance Armstrong, and Richard Prebble.

In 1995 'HOTTA' created the first mass produced aero carbon fork which was utilised by the Festina and Motorola teams and by Chris Boardman to achieve the hour record.

Hotta were also approached by Graeme Obree to build three bicycles for the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games. Unfortunately for Graeme his form was lacking so the bikes were not used. You can read all about this in his book "The Flying Scotsman".

Simon's ethos for design has always been simplicity and if it looks good then it usually works well.

In 2013 Simon designed and produced the first ASKE handmade bicycle using Reynolds 853 tubing. The idea was to produce a bike with clearance for 30mm tyres but still utilising a normal drop brake calliper. This has resulted in him producing a bike capable of taking on the roads of 'Paris Poubaix, Leroica' whilst still lively enough to sprint for that 30 mph sign!

Each bike is made to measure and designed for the end usage. Because of the simplicity of design this has resulted in a frame weight of 1.6 kg which is probably the lowest weight achievable for steel.

In 2015 Simon has moved on to develop a new bike specifically for Cyclo-Cross.